Size Charts and Downloading PDFs

MSM Marking's Size Charts and Catalogs
Our size charts are in PDF Format, to assure speedy delivery as well as printing and viewing accuracy.

Size Chart & Catalog Downloads
Select a PDF from the Size Charts drop-down menu, located on the top menu of every MSM Marking web page.
Size Charts graphically show dimensions of the stamps and are to scale if printed.
Catalogs often include size charts along with more detailed product information.

About PDF
PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is the modern standard for sharing documents on the internet.

PDF Viewers
To view a PDF, you need a "PDF Viewer" program or browser plug-in. Although the standard for viewing PDFs is currently Adobe Reader, we do not recommend it. It is a very large program and takes a long time to download, install and run.

Foxit PDF Reader
We recommend Foxit Reader, by Foxit Software. You may download it from Foxit's download page. It is a small and lightweight program, requiring little disk space and memory, which allows it to run much faster than Adobe's Reader.
Even if you already have Adobe Acrobat or Reader installed, you may want this small and speedy alternative.