Traditional Rubber Hand Stamps

Wood Handle Stamp Sizes and Colors

  · Beautiful high gloss finish Traditional Rubber Stamp Handles
  · Four wood handle sizes
  · Cherry, Black or Walnut wood
  · Two plastic handle sizes
  · Gray, Black or Brown Plastic
  · Accurately milled tenons for perfect fit
  · NOTE: Please call for availability of specific colors

Download Traditional Hand Stamps Size Chart

Mount & Moulding Strips
Wood Mount Strips

  · Walnut, Cherry or Gray Finish Traditional Mount & Moulding Strips
  · Strips are 18" Long & 1/4" to 3" Wide
  · 10 Strips per pack for up to 7/8" Width
  · 5 Strips per pack for 1" Width or greater
  · Sticky-back adhesive mounts available
  · NOTE: Wood color of stock strips may vary ... Please call for availability

Download Traditional Hand Stamps Size Chart


Trodat Traditional Hand Stamps, Handles in Wood and Plastic, Moulding Stamp

  · Trodat's Traditional Hand Stamps
  · Attractive natural wood handles with beautiful staining
  · A wide variety of handle colors in wood or plastic
  · Pre-attached indexes
  · Pre-assembled plastic mounts & molded hand stamps mean no assembly!

Download Traditional Hand Stamps Size Chart