Industrial Marking Pens, Markers, Stamps & Inks

Fastlight Pre-Ink Stamps, Mounts and Components

  · Artline® Industrial Markers are permanent and quick-drying
  · RoHS compliant - large color selection - many nib types
  · WetRite - works on wet or damp surfaces - works underwater
  · Paint Marker - indelible indoor and outdoor marking
  · Poster Markers - highly opaque - most surfaces - semi-permanent
  · Steel markers designed specifically for metal marking - rust resistant
  · Laundry & Fabric Markers - waterproof and wash resistant
  · Inspection Stamps & Inks for metal, glass, plastic, leather, gloss paper

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Sample Surfaces: a.b.s., acrylic board, aluminum, art paper, brass, cellophane, ceramic, coated paper, corrugated paper, cotton, cloth, painted surface, glass, hard/soft p.v.c., leather, circuit board, melamine coated board, photographic paper, plywood, polyester film, polyethylene film, polypropylene, rubber, stainless steel, styrofoam, synthetic fabric