Band Stamps & Bands

Comet Band Stamps

  · Complete line of American Made Classics
  · Comet pads ship dry or pre-inked in variety of colors
  · Large variety of bands in variety of fonts and sizes
  · Custom and speciality bands available
  · Buna rubber bands available for industrial inks

Download Comet Band Stamp PDF

Fastlight Pre-Ink Stamps, Mounts and Components

 · Extensive line of band daters, numberers and die-plates
 · Includes Pullman, Cosco Traditionals, and Cosco Classics
 · Classics include Albany, Brooklyn, and Cleveland Lines
 · Available in a large variety of types and sizes
 · Heavy duty band stamps for any environment

Download W Die-Plate Daters Size Chart PDF

Trodat Classic Band Stamps and Stamp Bands

 · Trodat's line of Classic Band Stamps
 · Ergonomically shaped grips enable comfortable stamping
 · A separate stamp pad is required for these hand stamps
 · Available in a large variety of types and sizes
 · Date on date stamps is set simply by the turning wheels

Download Trodat Classic Band Stamps & Bands PDF Catalog